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Marguerite MacIntosh began her visual art practice after retiring from work as an architect and raising five children with her husband.  She now lives with her husband in Summerland, British Columbia.

Throughout her work, Marguerite MacIntosh engages with concepts of time and place.  MacIntosh examines current situations and conditions in light of the fleeting present moment, which is the only place and time in which we actually live and exist.  This liminal space, between the past and the future, between our inner and outer worlds, between our physical and spiritual realities, is what drives much of her painting, drawing, and multimedia explorations.  Her background in architecture, which considers the interface of the built environment within the landscape, informs her use of clear geometric elements, often lines or dots, in combination with gestural mark making and loose painterly brushstrokes.  


Trinity Western University, School Arts, Media + Culture, 2014 - 2016, Langley BC

McGill University, Bachelor of Architecture (1984) + Bachelor of Sc Architecture (1982)



In her current series of work, Marguerite MacIntosh considers her family's recent move from the coast to the interior Okanagan region of British Columbia.  In the midst of renovating a century old home and garden in this new environment, she has reflected on her status as a newcomer establishing home and how we see and welcome others.  Images of plants and trees found in her new locale, either within her garden or along the nearby lakeshore, appear in her artworks in their varying seasons of maturity and renewal.  The species depicted are non-native and deemed invasive, yet they flourish.  Free-flowing organic elements are layered between crisply gridded dots within the artworks.  In these paintings and smaller multi-media work, the artist meditates on attitudes towards those who may be unlike us within the spiritual realm where we are all created and loved by God.

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